Wednesday, September 08, 2010

suuliin ued ene 2 aldartay blogchidtoi (Osobu, Ershuu) amidarsanaas hoish ene 2 yuruusuu blogoo bichihee baichihsan yum shig sanagdaad baihiimaa. Bi ongodiig ni alga bolgood baigaan boluu gej hehe. Osobu anh irchiheed l neg unshigch ni hajuud ni amidraad baihaar blogtoo uneheer unencheer bichij chadahgui baina gej gomdol gargadag baisan bol odoo ene Ershuu bas yum bichihgui baina. 3 uulaa tiim bie bieniihee amidrald oirhon amidarch baigaa bolohoor zarim neg bodlogoo aldahgui gej boddiin boluu? hahaha


WildandFancy said...

Tiim uym baigaa l baikh kk ;)

MNED said...

Tiim baihaa. Hajuud neg yum shavar haagaad baina gej dotoroo bodoj baigaa yum bol uu? keke

ershuu said...

uuuuuuuuuu, chimeegui baij baigaad alaad hayadag baishd geshassssss :P

Anonymous said...

чи хүүхдүүдийг уруу татаад блог нтр ийг нь бичүүлэхгүй байгаам бус уу айн

чи шөө
чи көөхөн шөө

My name is here said...

ooooooo zio zio. Bugdeereng ni lag "ugui ee chamaas boloogui, ted nar uursduu l zalhuurch baigaan" geh yum baih gej bodson chin harin yu veeee? duu niileed harin buur namaig buruutgaj baina bee vii dvd? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)

strong said...

teheer n chi bicheed ehelchiheech.,. hehe za hund zaah yahav .. bi bas bicheegui 10jil neeree.. uruu tataashd..

Anonymous said...

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